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BrainBuzzed Tutoring offers tailored one on one, small group, or large group 1 hour sessions for the following
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The Buzz on BrainBuzzed


My oldest daughter is dyslexic and her tutor worked very hard with her to make sure she understood the material for not only her class but the state tests as well. After a session with she always had more confidence in herself and her ability to do the work. The strategies that her tutor used work perfectly with my dyslexic daughter as well as with my daughter who suffered from test anxiety. I would highly recommend her and her company to anyone which I have many times over.


About BrainBuzzed TUTORING

BrainBuzzed Tutoring was founded in 2015 with a purpose to deliver high quality instruction to students in order for them to achieve academic success. Along the way, BrainBuzzed realized that tutoring for students was about more than just academic growth. Students also needed confidence building, positive educational relationships, differentiated lessons and fun!
Since then, BrainBuzzed has continued to tutor students while incorporating all of these components within the sessions. BrainBuzzed students have seen significant growth in areas targeted and 97% passing rate on STAAR Test for students who were in testing grades.

The Buzz on BrainBuzzed

BrainBuzzed has an amazing stable of hand picked tutors. Our tutors range from currently in college, to Master Teachers, all the way to the PH,D.  level. Our specialties are diverse as well. From foundational reading, math and problem solving, reading strategies, comprehension, test prep, creative writing and even enrichment, we've got your covered. Our tutors aim for success by being extremely passionate about their subject and finding various and creative ways to deliver the content. Not only do we want our students to enjoy their sessions, but we also want to leave your child's brain buzzing after each session

Mission Statement

To maximize the full potential of each student through positive relationships, quality teaching, engaging instruction and creative lessons tailored for each student's individual needs.

Our Vision

To create a learning experience that fosters children's love for learning.